“Hey” By Immörtal Daydreämer

Peering through the wildflowers I see him
Sleeping like a kitten, riding bareback on his speckled horse
It browses through the clovers, its fuzzy pink nose just barely brushing the leaves before it munches the weeds.
His bag is hooked carelessly on his shoulder, just begging to fall off.
I lay on my belly, the grass tickling my nose just enough that it mildly annoys me.
A gust of wind carries my scent to the creature and it lifts it’s head, searching for something new
I contemplate whether to sneak away like I was never there
Or stay and watch the delicacy of it all
After all, I was there first.
A rebellious bee declares it’s love for the boy by landing on his nose, then speeding away as he swipes at the empty air.
He falls to the ground with a thump.
I can’t see him that well now, he decides to be annoying and stay hidden in the grass.
I stare at the spot where he fell, praying for a tree to explode or something so he will show his face once more.
His horse wanders away into the meadow, obviously bored with the meaninglessness of it all.
I continue to gaze at the spot.
I can barely make out his silhouette
He’s so close to me, but I dare not make a sound.
I hear him yawn, and see his tired arms stretch up into the morning sky.
He rolls over, and I can see his whole face.
Can he see me?
He is looking right at me, I swear.
My heart beats faster than the wings of a frightened hummingbird.
A curious smile plays on his lips, and my heart melts.
He rubs the sleep out of his eyes, and I can’t take my eyes off of him.
He sits up, so now all I can see are his brown jeans and bare feet staring back at me, daring me to make a move.
I roll my eyes and sit up, now surrounded in pink petals, like something out of a love story.
I wiggle my toes, and enjoy the pure bliss of spring.
Finally, our eyes meet.
When he speaks at last, it is the most precious sound I have ever heard in my entire existence.
His tired groggy morning voice mumbles



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