I’m Here For You

These are four words
And yes they mean a lot
It means that I’ll be here for you
When other peeps are not

When you are at your worst
You hide your tear-stained face
I will take you in my arms
Sink into my embrace

Rant about whatever you need to
I will listen to every word
Give the best advice I can
Let you know that you’ve been heard

We may not be the best of friends
But when I see you cry
It rips me up, I want to help
You have to let me try

I wont try to tell you
My problems are worse than yours
Because I know that won’t help the tears
That wash up on your shores

Maybe you’re broken beyond repair
Maybe there’s nothing I can do
Maybe you want to push me away
And that’s just what you’ll do

I won’t follow you
I won’t make you come back
I will not pester you about anything
I will get off your back

I will leave you alone
For as long as you need
Because its important to have your own space
As long as you don’t do the deed.

But even though you push me out
You just can’t let me in
Just know that I am here for you
No matter what, thick and thin.

I’ll always be here
And I love you
Just give me a call
I’m here for you.

~Immortal Daydreamer~

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