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The Bird

Once there was a bird
She wasn’t anything special.
But one day she was torn away from everything she had ever known.

Her life, it wasn’t the same at all.

As she flew across the ocean, every cloud that passed created a new hole in her heart.
She watched those clouds cover up the place she used to call home, until it was a speck in the distance, then nothing at all.

As she traveled for hours and hours, she didn’t know what to think, what to feel.
She knew where she was going physically, but mentally she had no clue.
The sunset was beautiful, but she didn’t feel the warmth.
When she finally arrived, long-lost relatives greeted her, but she could barely fake a smile.

Her wings were broken, her heart was wounded, and she didn’t know if she would ever sing again. She didn’t know if she could.

She was put in an unfamiliar world, so many strangers, nowhere to run.
After weeks of coping with this new place she lived in, she was instructed to find school.
She didn’t want that. Not now, not anytime soon. She wasn’t ready. But she had to.
So she did.
She chose the first one she saw. A big one with lots of other birds. Easy to be invisible.
But they guided her to a smaller one, sitting on the side of the big one.

She obeyed.
She observed a lot.
These birds, they all grew up in the same nest since birth. They knew each other more than the sun knows the sky, it seemed like.
As she watched them, it was like looking through a window. She was the outsider. Why would they want someone new coming into their life?
Why would they want someone like her, some stranger from an island in the middle of
the sea?

She started to turn away, to find another place, when a voice called out to her.
It was two birds around her age, and they were curious about her.
They were the nicest birds she had ever met.
Talking to them made her feel alive again, like things could get better.
She believed that things could get better.
And they did.

She became close friends with the two birds, and good friends with the rest of the birds.
She got a better place to live, a place she could call home.
Her mother met this other bird, and that made them both as happy as can be.
She didn’t know how she felt about that, but she missed her father a lot.
He didn’t come oversea with her, and she didn’t know what became of him.
She wanted him back.

But her mother’s world was moving too fast to look back.
She didn’t want to bring up the past, when her mother’s future was so bright.
Her mother had finally found the one for her, and she didn’t want to mess that up.
So she didn’t say anything.

She couldn’t.

So she continued to live her new life, unsure of the future, scarred by the past.
Hopeful for new beginnings, but yearning to go back.
Just once, just for a minute, just to collect lost memories and make a few new ones before she left it all behind.

But she knew one thing
Things did get better
A lot better
And they will get better than that, in time
She just had to keep her sanity
Try not to think about what happened on that island across the sea
She had to keep looking forward
Look at the new beginning
It was coming
It was already there

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Immörtal Daydreämer is a 16 year old girl who lived in Hawaii for most of her life, and is currently living in Felton, CA. She has 5 siblings, and a cat. She hopes for a brilliant future surrounded by love and fun times.